Countdown to the Release of The Duke’s Temptation

3 countdownThree days.

Three short days until the release of The Duke’s Temptation.

It has been a journey. One that can be counted in years, not months. And certainly not days. Not unless you want to count really high. I’m talking using your fingers, toes, and the fingers and toes of about everyone you know…and then some.

It was a time filled with countless edits, added plot lines, and some cheer-worthy awards. There might have been a few-or several-moments of doubt that overshadowed the voice that vowed I would get there some day. Thankfully that little voice is rather persistent and like myself, rarely quiet.

It seems almost surreal that the end result is almost here. When I can officially call myself a published author. Even now, when asked, I find it hard to say, “I’m an author.” I can usually get “I write” to stumble past my lips but I still feel as if I’m telling a bit of an exaggeration.

Well, no longer. Come Wednesday it will be official.TheDuke'sTemptation_505x825 (2)

Is it Wednesday yet? 😉

To learn more of Gabe and Elizabeth’s story read the book blurb and excerpt.

The Duke’s Temptation available October 14th on Amazon.

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